CE: 1747 CF:cag01318


Efectivity of Beauveria bassiana isolates "sensu lato" on Rhipicephalus microplus

Efectividad de aislados de Beauveria bassiana "sensu lato" sobre Rhipicephalus microplus


Elio Minel Del Pozo Núñez, Irma García Cruz, Yanira Herrera López

Universidad Agraria de La Habana (UNAH) "Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez", Carretera a Tapaste y Autopista Nacional km 23 ½, San José de Las Lajas, Mayabeque, Cuba. CP 32700, Apartado Postal 18-19 CP 19390. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The present project was developed in the Plant Protection Laboratory of the Agronomy Faculty of the Agrarian University of La Habana, Cuba, to determinate the in vitro effectivity of some isolates of Beauveria bassiana sensu lato (Vals.) Vuill. on eggs and neolarvae of Rhipicephalus microplus Canestrini. The three isolates evaluated were effective, with more than 85 % mortality over neolarvae of the ectoparasite, 12 days after application. In the case of the BB isolate a strong effect of the conidia concentration in the suspension over the eclosion of eggs was evident, wich was null in the highest of the concentrations used, and the mortality of tick neolarvae, that was superior to 90 % with concentrations over 107 conidia mL-1.

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