Dear colleagues, collaborators of our journal, databases and institutions:

Centro Agrícola journal in recent years has made significant changes to improve the system of work, especially to continue with increasing its quality in the dissemination of agricultural sciences.

Disclosure of topics related to agriculture in original articles related to plant health, botany, plant physiology, plant breeding, soil biology, genetics and breeding, plant nutrition and agroecology are the guarantee for Centro Agrícola known scientific results.

The journal has retaken its indicators, and other major regional and international index is proposed. For this reason we update the instructions to authors. Also, changes have been made on the receipt, acceptance of manuscripts, imprinting greater rigor to the contributions will be disclosed.

Every article has since his arrival an edit code that must be preserved and final one described below: cag072101678:
cag: International Center for Agricultural Code
07: Order of the article in the journal
2: that it belongs to the corresponding volume number 2
10: it is the year 2010
1678: Consecutive article number

We hope these changes are accepted, the sake of improving our journal every day.


Editorial Board of the "Centro Agrícola" journal

Agricultural Research Center

Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas

Carretera a Camajuaní km 5 1/2, Santa Clara, Cuba


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