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Efectividad de extractos vegetales para el control de Praticolella griseola (Pfeiffer) (Gastropoda: Polygyridae)

Effectiveness of vegetable extracts for the control of Praticolella griseola (Pfeiffer) (Gastropoda: Polygyridae)


Carmen Verónica Martín Vasallo1, Yhosvanni Pérez Rodríguez2, Leónides Castellanos González3, Bárbara Soto González4

1Centro Universitario Municipal Rodas, Calle Céspedes, nro 35 entre Maceo y Calixto García, Rodas, Cuba. CP 57200
2Centro de Estudios para la Transformación Agraria Sostenible (CETAS). Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad de Cienfuegos, Cuatro Caminos, Carretera a Rodas Km 4, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 55100
3Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad de Pamplona. municipio de Pamplona, Colombia. CP 543050
4Empresa Agropecuaria Horquita. Comunidad Horquita, municipio Abreus, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 59380

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Molluscs have become a serious problem for vegetable crops, especially the species Praticolella griseola (Pfeiffer). Therefore, the objective was to evaluate the percentage of mortality of the plant extracts on P. griseola in both laboratory and field conditions. An ¨in vitro¨ assay was performed with vegetable extracts of maguey (Furcraea hexapetala (Jacq.) Family: Agavaceae, spiny güirito (Solanum globiferum L., Family: Solanaceae), chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens L., Solanaceae), cardon (Euphorbia lactea Haw., Family: Euphorbiaceae). When evaluating three concentrations of the extract of each botanical species, a completely randomized design was used in “in vitro” conditions and random blocks on the field. The extraction of the chili pepper extract was carried out using the fruit baking method, the S. globiferum was obtained from the milling of the dried fruits and the F. hexapetala and E. lactea were obtained through the fragmentation of stalks. Extracts of F. hexapetala, S. globiferum, C. frutescens, E. lactea, are alternatives to be used by producers in the control of P. griseola. The highest percentages of mortality are reached with the extracts of C. frutescens and S. globiferum at 72 hours of application.

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