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Behavior of the sugar cane cultivars C97-445 and C95-416 at localities of Holguín province

Comportamiento de los cultivares de caña de azúcar C97-445 y C95-416 en localidades de la provincia Holguín


Yulexi Mendoza Batista*, Rubisel Cruz Sarmiento, Yoandris Vaillant Cáceres, Odalis Luis Martínez, Miguel Céspedes Argota


Estación Provincial de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar de Holguín, Guaro, Holguin, Cuba, CP 80100


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The study was developed with the objective of determining agroproductive behavior of cultivars C97-445 and C95-416 in three localities of Holguín province. For this, field experiments were established and cultivars C86-12 and C86-503 were used as controls. The reaction of these cultivars to common rust and charcoal under natural conditions was evaluated, as well as the harvest variables: yield of cane (t ha-1), content of pol in cane (%) and yield of pol (t ha-1); factorial variances were analyzed for the harvest variables and the Tukey test was performed when the differences were significant. The interaction Locality x Cultivar was significant for the variable pol in cane (%). The best results were reached in Santa Ines locality. Cultivars C97-445 and C95-416 showed similar agronomic results to the standard C86-12 and they overcame significantly to the standard C86-503, also, they were not affected by common rust and coal under natural conditions.


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