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Evaluation of effect of human urine fertilizer in the cultivation of corn in Camagüey

Evaluación del efecto fertilizante del orine humano en el cultivo del maíz en Camagüey


Dania de la C. González Gort1*, Arelys Valido Tomes1, Roberto Vázquez Montes de Oca1, Heriberto Martínez González2


1Departamento de Agronomía, Universidad de Camagüey, Carretera de Circunvación km 5 ½, Camagüey, Cuba, CP 70100 

2Escuela Provincial de Capacitación del MINAGRI, Camagüey, Cuba, CP 70100


*E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



With the objective of studying the use of human urine as a fertilizer in substitution of mineral formulations under family farming conditions, a study was carried out on the farm "The New Hope", of peri-urban agriculture in Camagüey. Family-collected human urine, stored for six months, was applied in dilution to the corn crop to compare its effects with the application of the complete formula 9-13-17 + Urea, and an unfertilized control. A randomized block design was used and 18 sample plants were taken per treatment. Morphological parameters were evaluated, such as plant height and stem thickness, and agronomic parameters such as the weight of the ears and the yield. For the statistical analysis the STATGRAPHICS Centurion program was used and the results obtained express that the use of urine, in substitution of the chemical fertilizer, obtained results equivalent to those obtained with the use of mineral fertilization, without significant differences between them, but differing from unfertilized treatment, so it was concluded that the urine is an economic alternative for its use as a fertilizer in family farming.


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