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Characterization of edaphic macrofauna in a pastureland of Granma province

Caracterización de la macrofauna edáfica en un pastizal de la provincia Granma


Licet Chávez Suárez1*, Yakelín Labrada2, Idalmis Rodríguez García2, Alexander Álvarez Fonseca1, Diana Bruqueta Yero1, Luis Licea Castro1


1 Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias “Jorge Dimitrov”, Carretera vía Manzanillo, km 16 ½, Peralejo, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba  

2 Laboratorio Provincial de Sanidad Vegetal, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba


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The aim of this study was to characterize the soil macrofauna present in pastureland soils affected by salinity in Granma province. Soil sampling was conducted in March, 2014 at UBPC ¨Francisco Suarez Soa¨, Bayamo municipality. The soil macrofauna was collected according to the methodology proposed by the TSBF (Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility). Eight monoliths of 25 x 25 x 20 cm in each study area were sampled. Soil macrofauna individuals´ members for 0-10 cm and 10-20 cm of depth were manually selected and preserved in 70 % ethanol for later identification, but earthworms that were preserved in 4 % formaldehyde. Identification was made from the keys and taxonomical references. The identified soil macrofauna was grouped into two phyla, three classes, six orders, four families and seven species. The density was 112 ind m-2. The members of the family Formicidae showed a proportional abundance of 91 % and within this family, the genus Wasmannia with a proportional abundance of 51 %. It is concluded that in the study area values taxonomic richness and density of individuals of soil macrofauna are low what could be an indicator of the degradation process that occurs in the pastureland.


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