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Production of coffee postures with the application of efficient microorganisms in Angola

Producción de posturas de café con la aplicación de microorganismos eficientes en Angola


Jorge Luís Alvarez Marqués1 y José Carlos Damião2

1 Universidad de Matanzas “Camilo Cienfuegos”, Autopista a Varadero km 3 ½ Matanzas, Cuba, CP 44740

2 Instituto Superior Politécnico do Kwanza Sul. Sumbe, Cuanza Sul, Angola, CP 070101



In the Experimental Station of Coffee of the municipality Amboim, province Cuanza Sul of Angola an experiment was conducted on the production of coffee postures (Coffea arabica L.) using the red Catuaí cultivar. The purpose was to evaluate the effect of the application of a biofertilizer based on efficient microorganisms (ME) in the development of the postures. An experimental design of totally randomized blocks with four repetitions was used. The following treatments were included: absolute control, application of ME in doses of 2, 4 and 6 ml m-2, frequently one and two times biweekly, applied in the irrigation water. The parameters number of pairs of true leaves and height of the postures at 50, 75, 100 and 125 days of germination were evaluated. The best results in the production of coffee postures were obtained after 125 days with the bi-weekly application of 2 ml m-2 of the biofertilizer based on ME.

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