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Effect of Enerplant® on yield and quality of onion

Efecto de Enerplant® en el rendimiento y calidad de la cebolla


Alejandro Alarcón-Zayas1, Omaida Muñoz-Arias2, Roberto Viltres-Rodríguez1, Tony Boicet-Fabré3, Gustavo González-Gómez3

1 Departamento de Química, Facultad de Ciencias Informáticas, Naturales y Exactas, Universidad de Granma, Apdo. 21, Bayamo, Granma, CP 85100

2 Empresa Agropecuaria “Juan M. Márquez”, Media Luna, Granma, CP 87700

3 Departamento de Producción Agrícola, Facultad de Ciencias Agrícolas, Universidad de Granma, Apdo. 21, Bayamo, Granma, CP 85100

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The work was carried out on a Brown Soil type soil in the Intensive Garden of the Knife Productive Unit belonging to the Agricultural Company "Juan Manuel Márquez", Media Luna municipality, Granma province, with the objective of evaluating the effect of Enerplant® oligosaccharides on the performance and onion quality indicators, variety "Elan H-9". The experimental design used was random blocks with six treatments and three replications. The experimental data were subjected to a variance analysis of double classification and multiple comparison of means by the Tukey test. The agricultural yield and the average fresh mass of the bulb of the onion were higher in the dose of 1.3 mL ha-1 with 16.12 t ha-1 and 120.99 g respectively. The Enerplant® oligosaccharides improved the quality of the onion, achieving significant increases in total soluble solids, polar and equatorial diameter of the bulbs. In addition, the pH was increased and the titratable acidity reduced, compared to the control. The greatest economic impact of this organic product is achieved with the dose of 1.3 mL ha-1with a gain of $ 50 949.78 ha-1.

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