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Application of ImageJ® 1.43u software in the characterization of the symptoms of the annular blotch of sugarcane

Aplicación del software ImageJ® 1.43u en la caracterización de los síntomas de la mancha anular de la caña de azúcar


Osmany de la Caridad Aday Díaz, Roberto González Hernández, Félix René Díaz Mujica, Carlos Reyes Esquirol, Yulexi Gil Cruz, Susana Reyes Pérez y Javier Barroso Melillo

Instituto de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar. Carretera CUJAE Km 1½, Boyeros, La Habana,Cuba. CP 19390

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The present investigation was carried out with the objective of determining the utility of the processor of images ImageJ® 1.43u to characterize the lesions of the ring spot disease of sugarcane (Leptosphaeria sacchari Breda de Haan). Symptomatic leaves from a 10 stalks sample of the sugarcane cultivar C89-147 were separated and cut in three same parts and identified as third 1, 2 and 3, starting from the insert of the leaf with the sheath until the apex. The long, wide and area occupied by L. sacchari in a sample of 1000 lesions was measured. The foliage area and the area affected with lesions of each third of leaf, in 55 leaves, subsequently the percentage of Affected Foliate Area and the biometrics parameters of the evaluated variables were calculated. The most frequent values of long, wide and area of the lesions, were 10 mm, 2.78 mm, and 10.71 mm2 , respectively. The dimensions of the lesions and the Affected Foliate Area were significantly increased starting from leaf +5. In the two superior thirds of the leaves the biggest quantity of affected area was located. The sugarcane cultivar C89-147 exhibited an intermediate reaction with risk to present susceptibility under favorable conditions for the development of the disease. The processor of images turned out to be a useful tool to characterize the symptoms of this disease.

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