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Characterization of some physicist, mechanics and chemistries properties in the banana (Musa spp.)

Caracterización de algunas propiedades físico – mecánicas y químicas en el banano (Musa spp.)


Carlos Manuel Martínez Hernández1 y Tania de la Caridad Bermúdez Camacho2 

1 Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de las Villas. Carretera a Camajuaní km.5½, CP: 54830. Santa Clara. Villa Clara. Cuba. Tel: 53-42-281692. Fax: 53-42-281608.
2 Delegación de la Agricultura, Santi Spíritus. 

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The present work approaches the study of some physical-mechanical and chemical properties of the banana (Musa spp.). For its investigation, they took samples in the Municipal Company of Cultivos Varios, municipality Taguasco, provinces of Sancti-Spíritus. They were carried out rehearsals related to some physical, mechanical and chemical variables as: pH, oBrix, total regular acids, static coefficients of friction and mechanical impact damages deal with the established norms. The objective of the work it related to the evaluation of the physical – mechanical and chemical parameters of the banana (Musa spp.) for a good postharvest manage. Inside the main obtained results they stand out: longitude half 20.85 cm; circumference 11.25 cm; the depth of the shell 0.25 cm; the depth of the pulp 2.85 cm. The total soluble solids (SST) they oscillated between 13 and 16 oBrix; the total regular acidity oscillates between 0, 2 and 1, 6 meq/100 g malic acid. The pH oscillates between 4.42 and 5.27. The content of humidity of the pulp oscillates between 82 and 86 %; while in the shell this value oscillates between 14 and 18%. The impact rehearsals showed little resistance to impacts to the order of 105,94 (J), that which makes that the fruit is very susceptible to mechanical damages, together with their qualities of little shelf life (6 days) postharvest. The results in the analyzed banana have been always using the first two hands of the cluster with a range from 1 to 9 days later in the crop of the fruits.

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