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Use of first ratoon as categorized seed of sugarcane

Uso de la soca como semilla categorizada de caña de azúcar


Héctor Jorge Suárez1, Irenaldo Delgado Mora2, Antonio Vera Hernández1, Sergio Guillen Sosa1, José R. Gómez Pérez1 y Oscar Suárez Sánchez1

1. Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar (INICA), Carretera a la CUJAE Km 11⁄2, Rancho Boyeros, La Habana, Cuba, CP 19390.
2. Estación Territorial de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar (ETICA Villa Clara) Autopista Nacional Km. 246, Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, Cuba, CP 53100.

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The results obtained on commercial seedbeds of Factory Ofelina (Panamá) are presented. Were you sampled 289.55 ha in 13 fields planted with ten varieties in plant cane, ratoon and second shoot those who underwent first molecular diagnosis (PCR) for stunting diseases shoot and leaf scald, then staining was performed vascular xylem vessels with safranin whose purpose was to determine the percentage of functional vessels. The molecular diagnosis offered the 49 and 6 % of the samples had the presence of bacteria Leifsonia xyli (subsp xyli) and Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby Dowson) respectively, while 92.7 % of the area evaluat- ed showed values ​​ higher than 85 % functionality xylem vessels. In Cuba the total cost of production of regis- tered seed II hovers around $ 8 188 724.2, using the 20 % of ratoon in the country would save approximately $ 1 066 370.7. The use of ratoon as seed is a common practice in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica, among others, its use is depending on the effectiveness of treatments to be given to the seed through the chain seed and varieties resistance to use.

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