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Heterorhabditis bacteriophora effect on coffe berry borer in the Algarrobo locality, Trinidad, Cuba

Efecto de Heterorhabditis bacteriophora sobre la broca del café en la zona del Algarrobo, Trinidad, Cuba

Delvis Valdés Zayas1, Reynaldo Ramírez Piñeda1, María Chaviano Gómez2, Idia Bautista Morales Ortiz1, Ana Celia Duarte Chaviano1

1 Centro Universitario Municipal Trinidad, Calle Fernando Ecerry # 67 entre Ciro Redondo y Piro Guinart, Trinidad, Sacti Spiritus,Cuba. Telef: 99 6358, CP 62600.
2 Estación de Protección de Plantas Trinidad, Carretera a Sanctis Spiritus km 25, poblado la Paloma, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Telef: 99 7126, CP 62600.

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Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari, coffee berry borer is considered the pest that bigger causes damage, to coffee production all over the world. It is an insect of difficult handling with the traditional control methods by mean of insecticides. For this reason the Strategy of Integrated Handling of this Plague take into consideration since manual collection of the insect up the employment of biological controls. The last alternative is one of the more appealed by coffee farmers due to the minor cost. That’s why with the realization of this work the levels of effectiveness of several doses of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora on the control of H. hampei were evaluated. There were not significant differences between the three doses evaluated so it is suggested the employment of the dose of 500 million for hectare for the control of the plague because it is the most economic dose.

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