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Sustrates and nutrient solutions for obtaining pipper seedlings and its influences on the production in crops protected

Sustratos y soluciones nutritivas para la obtención de plántulas de pimiento y su influencia en la producción en cultivo protegido


Mairely Sarduy Díaz1, Ivisley Díaz Aguila1, Leónides Castellanos González2, Rafaela Soto Ortiz2, Yhosvanni Pérez Rodríguez2

1Empresa Cítrico Arimao, carretera Cienfuegos # 137 esquina a carretera Las Moscas. Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 57600.
2CETAS/FCA (Centro para la Transformación Agraria Sostenible/Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias) Universidad de Cienfuegos, Cuatro caminos, Carretera a Rodas Km 4, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 55100.

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To achieve the productive success in the production of the pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in protected crop is necessary to guarantee the quality of the seedlings. For that the objective of this investigation was to evaluate mixtures with crowd + coconut fiber and worm humus as substrates and three nutritious solutions for the production of seedlings of pepper and its later influence on the production. In the nursery phase an assay in a design totally randomized was used in factorial arrangement 32, being the factors, substrate and nutritious solution where variables of growth and development were evaluated, in 25 seedlings for treatment. In the experiment in field phase was given pursuit to the plants coming from the nine treatments of the nursery phase in a design at random blocks with four replicas, where components of the yield were evaluated in 10 plants by parcel and the yield in the total parcel. The data were processed by means of a variance analysis using the statistical package SPSS version 15. The employment of worm humus with the nutritious solution B and the humus with the crowd and coconut plus the application of the nutritious solutions A and B allows obtaining pepper seedlings with the established quality. These combinations stand out in the production phase for the percentage of flourishing plants, mass of the fruits and the yield, for that the employment of these substrates, constitute new alternatives for this technology.

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