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Necessity of mycorrhizal re-inoculation in the transplantation of banana in areas with precedent of inoculated canavalia with AMF

Necesidad de reinoculación micorrízica en el trasplante del banano en áreas con precedente de canavalia inoculada con HMA


Jaime Enrique Simó González1, Ramón Rivera Espinosa2, Luis Alberto Ruiz Martínez1, Ernesto Espinosa Cuellar1

1 Instituto de Investigaciones de Viandas Tropicales (INIVIT), Apartado 3, Santo Domingo, Villa Clara, Cuba, CP 53000.
2 Instituto Nacional Ciencias Agrícolas (INCA), gaveta postal 1, San José de Las Lajas, Mayabeque, Cuba, CP 32700.

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From being the banana, a mycotrophic crop and previous results on the potential of green manure inoculated as a way to mycorrhizal economic crops, this work was developed in order to assess whether a precedent Canavalia ensiformis cultivation, inoculated with efficient strains of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inoculation, it is necessary the banana inoculation, ‘FHIA-18’ (AAAB) cultivar in the transplant field. Four treatments were evaluated: a control without application of fertilizers and other organic-mineral fertilizers (100% FOM), both without canavalia and two other treatments that are used above canavalia inoculated AMF and half also received organic-mineral fertilizer applications: (50% FOM), one of which, the banana was reinoculated in the transplant field and the other one not. The experimental design used, was randomized blocks, with four replications. The experiment ended after three productive cycles (mother plant, stems 1 and 2). Canavalia inoculated treatments and 50 % of FOM, guaranteed high yields and satisfactory nutritional content similar to that received 100 % of FOM and significantly higher than those obtained with the control treatment. This together with the values of colonization percentages and spores at both high and inoculated treatments were no significant differences between them, indicated not only the effectiveness of mycorrhizal inoculation but rather green manure inoculation was successful to inoculate bananas and reinoculation of the same was not needed on the transplant.

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