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Evaluation of sugarcane cultivars early maturing, for the start of the sugar harvest, non-calcium soils sialitizados

Evaluación de cultivares de caña de azúcar de madurez temprana, para el inicio de la zafra azucarera en suelos sialitizados no cálcicos


Irenaldo Delgado Mora1, Dunia Nuñez Jaramillo1, Héctor Jorge Suarez2, Sergio Guillén Sosa2, Félix R. Díaz Mujica1, José Ramón Gómez Pérez1, Oscar Súarez Sanchez1, Jorge L. Montes de Oca Suarez1

1 Estación Territorial de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar (ETICA, Villa Clara) Autopista Nacional Km. 246, Ranchuelo, Villa Clara. CP 53100.
2 Instituto de Investigaciones de la Caña de Azúcar (INICA). Carretera al CAI Martínez Prieto Km 11⁄2, Boyeros, La Habana, Cuba. CP 19390.

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The cultivar of sugarcane is the one with high productivity when grown under different environmental conditions. The most critical periods in terms of manufacturing performance, occurs in the first stage of harvest (November-January), which has been a concern of producers and a challenge for breeders. Therefore, the objective of the work is to evaluate the cultivars cane early maturing sugar high sugar and stable performance in various environments, for the start of the sugar harvest in Sialitizados non-calcium soils, using cold plantations. The experimental phase of this work was done in the experimental block Spartacus, belonging to the Territorial Research Station Sugar Cane Villa Clara, strain cane plant and first sucker. By high sugar yields and low levels of reducing sugars was obtained as a result, be used for the month of December, C86-156, C90-469, C89-148, C90-501, C92-203 and C89-161, varieties for January C87-252, C89-148, C89- 161, C89-250, C90-501 and C92-203, for February cultivars C87-252, C90-469 and C92-203. The cultivars C87-252, C89-148, C89-161, C90-501 and C92-203, are noted for their stability in the variables studied at the beginning of the sugar war. Economically, it is not recommended to use C89-246 to present pol 3.27 % less than the average of the leading cultivar and reducing sugar values ​​ are above 0.38 can cause big damages in the manufacturing process.

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