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Insecticide effect of the extract of Furcraea hexapetala (Jacq.) Urban on Plutella xylostella L.

Efecto insecticida del extracto de Furcraea hexapetala (Jacq.) Urban sobre Plutella xylostella L.

Javier Sobrino Jiménez1, Aniurka Fernandez Valero2, Isabel Ortega Mesequer3, Leónides Castellanos González4

1 Empresa Agropecuaria Horquita. Comunidad Horquita, municipio Abreus, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 59380.

2 Estación de Protección de Plantas Yaguaramas. Calle Abreu no 54, Yaguaramas, Abreu, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 59400.

3 Laboratorio Provincial de Sanidad Vegetal Cienfuegos. Carretera de Palmira km 4, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 55500.

4 Centro de Estudios para la Transformación Agraria Sostenible (CETAS). Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad de Cienfuegos, Cuatro Caminos, Carretera a Rodas Km 4, Cienfuegos, Cuba. CP 55100.

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The investigation was developed during October and November of 2012 in order to evaluate the efficacy as insecticide of the Furcraea hexapetala (Jacq.) Urban (maguey) extract, against Plutella xylostella L., pest of economic importance in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.) crop. The research was carried out in Abreus municipality of the Cienfuegos province by mean of laboratory assays and a field experiment in order to determine the efficacy of the natural extract of the plant on the plague, obtained from the juice of the leaves of F. hexapetala extracted in a “trapiche” (mill used to extract the juice of the stem of sugar cane).The laboratory assay was carried out “ in vitro ” using larvae of P. xylostella fed with cabbage leaves in Petri dish. A completely randomized design was used with five treatments: extract of F. hexapetala at 100, 50, 25, 12.5 % and a control with only water. In the field experiment using random block designs were evaluated the same treatments of the extract used in the laboratory assay, including a control without any aplication. The plots had 100 m2. In both laboratory assay as at field experiment, the extract of F. hexapetala increased the efficacy against P. xylostella with concentrations of 25 % or higher. The extract of F. hexapetala to 25 % was effective under laboratory and field conditions, for that reason constitutes a good candidate to use it in the control of this pest.

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