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Floristic diversity in agro-ecosystem livestock bovine of the Canton “El Carmen” in Manabi’s province, Ecuador

Diversidad florística en agroecosistemas ganaderos bovinos en el Cantón El Carmen, provincia de Manabí, Ecuador

Justo A. Rojas Rojas1,2, Pablo L. Anrango Mantilla1, Manuel de J. Jumbo Romero1

1 Universidad Laica “Eloy Alfaro” de Manabí, Av. Circunvalación, Manta, extensión El Carmen, Manta, Ecuador. CP 130802.

2 Universidad de Sancti Spíritus “José Martí”. Avenida de los Mártires 360 esq. Carretera Central, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. CP 60100.

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In the second half of 2013 the species that are part of the diversity of flora in agroecosystems cattle ranching bovine in Canton El Carmen, Manabí, Ecuador were determined. A total of 13 botanical species of which Sida acuta Burm. had the highest records with 29.7 % of dominance and a frequency of 51.0 %, followed by the species Senna obtusifolia (L.) H. S. Irwin & Barneby, Desmodium tortuosum (Sw.) DC, Pavonia sidifolia Kunth and Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Rich.) Vahl. These five species were found to be the most dominant and frequent with respect to all the species found. The Jaccard coefficient showed 53,8 % similarity regarding diversity of plant species.

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